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We now offer the book "Lewis County History" by Regan on CD for $10.00 + $4.00 p & h

(NEW)  The Esham Family Genealogy Book $35.00 + $8.00 p&h.

Uses for Salt Vinegar & Baking Soda     $10.00 + $4.00 p&h

Lewis County Kentucky Medical Pioneers             $30.00 + $6.00 p&h 

Pioneer Dr. Charles N. Maddy and wife Mary (Their story is in the book)

CD of Mt Zion Cemetery Pictures of stones and names with information now available: 

*The society also has available a CD of Hackworth-Ginn Cemetery  (at Heselton) with documentation and photos of stones. Each $10.00+$4.00 p&h   (These Cd's made Available through the hard work of Carolyn and David Hilliard)                                  

Evans Cemetery Photo Collection - This book is of Evans Cemetery (Located on Town Branch Hill).  It has pictures of every tombstone in the cemetery.$20.00 + $6.00 p&h (This Book of photos made available through the hard work of Billy Bond)

Cook Books-  $10.00 Each + $4.00 p&h What's Cooking in Lewis County, Kentucky With a dab of History on The Side

Lewis County, Kentucky Celebrating 200 Years  1806-2006

Cooking Up Some History A Pinch Of This and a Dab Of That State Cookie Book - - -> $5.00 + $4.00 p&h

A view of Vanceburg from top of the Woodland Cemetery 

Lewis County Cemetery Books      $12.00 Each + $4.00 p&h           

This is a collection of books of cemeteries in Lewis County, Kentucky. There are a total of twenty-five (25) books in this collection. Each cemetery book includes the name of the cemetery, deceased information (name, birth date, and death date (if information are viewable from tombstones/headstones).    

Book One: Includes the Following cemeteries Free Firebrick Cemetery, W.M. Bentley Heirs Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Ford Cemetery, Unknown Cemetery (maybe Smith Cemetery), Greene Cemetery, Black-Steele-Bruce Cemetery, Wright Family Plot, Steele Cemetery, Mars Hill Cemetery, Davis or Carver Cemetery, Unknown (Yeager) Cemetery, Bagby Cemetery and Bivens Cemetery  

Book Two: Includes the Following cemeteries Sunset Cemetery, Quincy Cemetery (Beside Jack Lowder house), Morse Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, and Quincy Methodist Cemetery  

Book Three: Includes the Following cemeteries Zornes Cemetery, Harr-Johnson Cemetery, Veach Family Cemetery, Wright Family Cemetery, Howland Cemetery, Truitt-Woodworth Cemetery, Bassett Cemetery, Soldier Cemetery, Jamison Cemetery, Granny Thomas Cemetery, Greenbriar-Garland Cemetery, Skidmore Family Cemetery, Mayfield Cemetery, Hook Farm Cemetery, Logan-Smith Cemetery (Greenup, County), Horsley Cemetery (Greenup, County, and Bruce Cemetery  

Book Four: Includes the Following cemeteries Spy Run Cemetery, Skidmore (Greenbriar) Cemetery, Hubbard Cemetery, Witten Cemetery, Skidmore (Christy) Cemetery, McGinnis-McDowell Cemetery, Newberry Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Cooper-Willis Cemetery, Clure Cemetery, Maddy-Lewis Cemetery, Old Tannery Church Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Zornes-Carver Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, and Hannibal Cemetery    

Book Five: Includes the Following cemeteries Richardson Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Stafford Hill Cemetery, Horsley or McCally Cemetery, Armstrong Cemetery, Liles Cemetery, Stone Cemetery, Blankenship Cemetery, and Hamilton or Valley-view Cemetery  

Book Six: Includes the Following cemeteries BlackOak Cemetery  

Book Seven: Includes the Following cemeteries Evans Cemetery, Abbot Cemetery, Silvey Cemetery, Rhoden Cemetery, and Clarksburg Cemetery  

Book Eight: Includes the Following cemeteries Woodland (or Woodlawn as some folks call it) Cemetery  

Book Nine: Includes the Following cemeteries Stallcup Cemetery, Flinders Cemetery, Allis Cemetery, Bivens Cemetery, Fairmont Cemetery, Kissick Cemetery, Doyle Cemetery, Gilbert Cemetery, Muses Cemetery, Carrs Methodist Cemetery, Bedinger Cemetery, Corns Cemetery, Stevenson Cemetery, Moore Family Cemetery (graveyard), McClurg Cemetery, Vance-Ruark Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, Shelton-Himes Cemetery, Collins Cemetery, Lane-Lang Cemetery, Meyers Cemetery, Hendrickson Cemetery, Ellis Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, and Nash Cemetery  

Book Ten: Includes the Following cemeteries Cedar Grove Cemetery, Conley Cemetery (On Holly Creek), William Hardy Family Cemetery, McEldowney Cemetery, Esham Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Sargent Branch Cemetery, Meadows Cemetery, Stidham Cemetery, and Aldridge Cemetery  

Book Eleven: Includes the Following cemeteries Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ackley or Mineer Cemetery, Indian Creek Cemetery, Gulley Cemetery, Stamm Cemetery, Thomas Perry McCleese Cemetery, Crawford Cemetery, Kinder or Brown Cemetery, Rose Cemetery, Stamper Cemetery, Oak Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Donaldson Grove Cemetery, County Cemetery, Smith-Burton Cemetery, and Holland Cemetery  

Book Twelve: Includes the Following cemeteries Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Valley Cemetery, Mefford Farm Cemetery, Middleton Cemetery,Tancray Cemetery, McDaniel Cemetery, Riggs Cemetery, McCoy Cemetery, William-Esham Family Cemetery, Hackworth Cemetery, Toller Cemetery, Our Lady (or Lourdes) Cemetery, Kilfillin Cemetery, Million Cemetery, Jones Cemetery, Happy Hollow Cemetery, and Webster Cemetery  

Book Thirteen: Includes the Following Cemeteries Teager Cemetery, Tollesboro Cemetery, Debell-Singleton Cemetery, Galilee Christian Church Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Thropp Cemetery, Kelty Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Hamrick Cemetery, Grigsby Cemetery, Pollitt Cemetery, Hinton Cemetery, Burtonville Cemetery, Gillespie Cemetery, Applegate Cemetery, Trussell Cemetery, Ruggles Cemetery, Plummer Cemetery, and Canaan Cemetery  

Book Fourteen: Includes the Following Cemeteries   Pell Cemetery, Pierce Cemetery, Vergne Cemetery, Arkanall Cemetery, Old Mawk Family Cemetery, Morgan Cemetery, Nolen Cemetery, and Laurel Point Cemetery  

Book Fifteen: Includes the Following Cemeteries Hamilton Cemetery, Springer Cemetery, Everett Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Hord Cemetery, Poole and Everett Cemetery, Unknown (near Trinity) Cemetery, Stamper Family Cemetery (near Route 59), Stamper (at Emerson) Cemetery , Sandy Springs Cemetery, Walnut Grove Cemetery, and Gilliam Cemetery  

Book Sixteen: Includes the Following Cemeteries Ellis Cemetery, Shelton Cemetery, Gilbert Cemetery, Doyal Cemetery, Benjamin Bayliss Cemetery, Unkown Cemetery, Hampton Cemetery, Wilson-Nash Cemetery, Wilson Cemetery, Wilson-Morrison Cemetery, Wilson Family Cemetery, Hord-Dunaway Cemetery, Sullivan Cemetery, Tolle Cemetery, and Bethany Cemetery  

Book Seventeen: Includes the Following Cemeteries Waring Cemetery, and Potter Cemetery  

Book Eighteen: Includes the Following Cemeteries Lewis County Memory Gardens Cemetery  

Book Nineteen: Includes the following Cemeteries Evans (old Evans) Cemetery - sometimes known as Slate Point Cemetery as well, Bethel Cemetery, Mt. Gilead Cemetery (located in Mason County, KY), and Pine Valley Cemetery  

Book Twenty: Includes the Following Cemeteries Mt. Tabor Cemetery  

Book Twenty One: Includes the Following Cemeteries East Fork Cemetery, and Fearisville Cemetery  

Book Twenty Two: Includes the Following Cemeteries Concord Cemetery, Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Ebenezer Cemetery, and Salem Church Cemetery  

Book Twenty Three: Includes the Following Cemeteries Dummitt Cemetery, Delphine Cemetery, Roy Werline Farm Cemetery (Sandhill),  Heath Cemetery, Bloomfield Cemetery, Lewis Cemetery (Scotts Branch), Mt. Carmel Cemetery, and Thomas Cemetery  

Book Twenty Four: Includes the Following Cemeteries Collier Cemetery, Hillcrest Cemetery, Maysville Cemetery, and Olivet Cemetery  

Book Twenty Five: Includes the Following Cemeteries Davis Cemetery (Ben and Lorraine Rice Farm), Hord Family Cemetery (located KY 1443 Eastern Mason County), Wilson Family Cemetery (located KY 1443 Eastern Mason County), Stubblefield Cemetery (located #546), Flat Fork Cemetery, Stander Cemetery, Bald Point Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery (Route 1068), Sunset Cemetery (Edward Cemetery), Wilson Family Cemetery (located in Quincy), and Horsley Cemetery (located at Tar Fork)  CedarLeaf and Doyle Cemeteries- Includes pictures of tombstones from both cemeteries.

Lewis County Marriage Books  1806-1900

$25.00 Each + $5.00 p&h

This is a collection of books that give marriage information about married couples in Lewis County, Kentucky.  There are a total of three (3) books in this collection. 

Book One: 1806-1851    

Book Two: 1852-1880                       

Book Three: 1881-1900     

Lewis County Marriage Books 1900-1962

$10.00 Each + $4.00 p&h

This is a collection of books that give marriage information about married couples in Lewis County, Kentucky.  There are a total of eight (8) books in this collection.

Book One: A-B   

Book Two: C-D     

Book Three: E-G     

Book Four: H-K          

Book Five: L, P, Q, U, Y, Z          

Book Six: R, V, W  

Book Seven: M, O  

Book Eight: S, T 

Federal Census Books   $25.00 Each + $4.00 p&h

Census records throughout the years. This is a three (3) book collection. 1850 Census, 1860 Census, and 1870 Census

Federal Census Books $10.00 Each + $4.00 p&h

Census Records Throughout the years.

This is a Nineteen (19) Book Collection.

1880 Census: Four (4) Book Collection 

1900-1910 Census: Five (5) Book Collection

1920 Census: Five (5) Book Collection

1930 Census: Five (5) Book Collection

Miscellaneous Books 

Civil War Stories $10.00 Each + $4.00 p&h This is a five (5) book collection.

Precinct #5 Hunnewell Furnace Greenup County, Kentucky July 1870 Census $10.00 + $6.00 p&h 

Precinct #6 Bellefonte Furnace Greenup County, Kentucky August 2, 1870 Census $10.00 + $6.00 p&h

Kentucky Vital Birth Records $30.00 + $6.00 p&h

Kentucky Vital Marriage Records $15.00 + $6.00 p&h

Kentucky Vital Death Records $15.00 + $6.00 p&h

Vanceburg, Kentucky 200 Years 1797-1997   

$20.00+$4.00 p&h

Vanceburg 1937 Flood Views $10.00 + $4.00 p&h

Old Remedies and Old Sayings $10.00 + $4.00 p&h

Stories Of and About Lewis County  $20.00 + $4.00 p&h

History of Muses Chapel Church 1894-1994  $6.00 + $4.00 p&h

The Circuit Riders Legacy $25.00 + $6.00 p&h

Family History Stories $15.00 + $6.00 p&h

Canning Book $12.00 + $4.00 p&h 


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